2008 - Group Dreaming Journey to Easter Island and Moorea

As I started living on Easter Island following the firm indications of my spiritual guides, I felt I was send here to hold a special energy and ground it in that part of the world.

For two years I felt the importance of a lightworker group coming to this part of the South Pacific, as well I felt Drunvalos presence in Easter Island and Polynesia.

As the message got really strong I phoned Drunvalo and asked him if he could imagine to come with a group to Easter Island. He answered inmediately: "Yes!". He asked what I felt and why I thought he should come. We had a wonderful phone discussion.
Drunvalo did explain to me the importance of going to Moorea with the same group after having worked on Easter Island and so I did started organising this trip.

We got a very special a date for 2008 (of course!) and I had one year to find all the right people, spots and accomodies. Together with Drunvalos *right hand* Diane I had an marvallous intensive time getting all the people on planes, in hotels and in buses. Those islands have only small hotels, buses with maximum 18 seats and it was an adventure and challange as the group grew from the planned 55 to over 83.

Grids are everywhere around us, we have for example the earth grid, the crystalline grid, the Unity grid of humanity, the grids formed by the the birds or whales etc. They are (should be!!) organic in nature and exist in intercommunication with humans or animals or other beings.

Every feeling, emotion or thought has an influence or imprint on the grids we are connected too. Thus we are moving together through space and time, and determine our ways of living, growing, evolution and future.

I will soon write some more on this topic / love, Carolina

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