ONENESSTRAVEL FOR THE HEART - to make your Soul happy!

PERU TOUR 2014 - discovering our galactic story

Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca
Islands of Uros, Moon & Sun

Machu Picchu

In November 2014 we travel again to Peru, the land of ancient mystical temples of the Sun and of unbelievable archaeological finds. Many are estimated to be older as 12.000 years.

My 2011 and 2012 groups joined activations of galactic portals, nodes and stargates on intersections of ley-lines as in Amuru Muru. Over 500 participants gathered in 2011 in ceremony and 200 spiritual people in 2012.

In this time we are invited to hear all about our galactic story and to become at ease and in harmony with our long history here on erath and in the universe. This could bring us out of our worldwide controlled situation.

When large crowds, connected through their heart beat gather, many powerful new energy pathways can be grounded. When many with a pure heart gather, ready to be free and souvern and in integrity with their souls, many powerlines can be reconnected to the earthfield to radiate their original source and love energy.

The power places can help us remember who we really are, and we help the power places to regain their original power and radiate pure light-energy into the vortexes and leylines, so they spread out horizontally and reach many around the globe.

More people around the globe will get the opportunity like this to feel and connect with this energy matrix, even when they stay home and tune in.

I feel how important it these years is, to visit power places and to invoke our souvereignty and remember that we are born on earth with a free will. It is our birth right and it seems more and more how we have given it to others. The power places can support us to remember who we really are, beings of light and love!

Our 12.12.12/12.21.12 Sacred Journey did end with ancient Mayan ceremonies in Mayapan, at the Pyramid of KulKulKan or the feathered Serpent in Yucatan, Mexico. After December 21, 2012, the magic, symbolic date of the indigenous tribe Elders, from which nobody knew exactly, if something "seeable" would happen, a time period started for humanity which I like to call the "vacuum”, as nothing moved forward. It was time for recalibration (and still is for many), a period to ajust and bring our energies in harmony with Mother Earth and her new energized energygrid.

Our DNA-system must harmonize itself to the new Energymatrix, as all the old patterns and dense parts cannot come with us. We have to let them go to be able to surf the waves to come, or we will be "under water" for most of the time.

Unsere Guides beim Schiff, Sonneninsel 2013 Pacha Mama Zeremonie am Anfang der Reise 2013 Mond Insel 2013

2013 was the year all seemed to come to a halt somehow, all went very quiet. It was promished time period in which people should choose which direction they wanted to go. 2014 brings very different energies and invites to move, to do something. Action is the word!! The power places invite the people to come, to connect to them, to their grids and leylines. You can travel to be on them or visit them in the dreamtime or your meditation.

We have to trust now our own inner board pilot, that follows our thoughts, our emotions and deep inner feelings, always with a 100% perfection and with no judging and conditions.

So everyone has to look after his own control of thoughts and emotions to be able to navigate through this mega important period of transition, which will take several years. Many discover they are co-creators their own realities and can determine their own future by their behaviour. Every single person can decide how he chooses to go through this transition time, that can last several years. And what the outcome should be! You have a birth right to be free and can delete all your soul contracts.

2013 was a turbulent year with ups and downs, showing that we are completely in this transition time phase, heading into something new. Our galaktic Grandparents invite us to connect with them, to discover our galactic history, the history we weave since millions of years. They invite us to remember who we are. Once we develop again our full potential, we can enjoy looking to our future, which we create for the children of the universe. It's time to let go of everything that no longer belongs to us and leave it behind us. So we are able to be in synchronicity with the new incoming energy waves. Peru and Bolivia with its many nodes, vortexes, leylines and temples can help you with all of this in a wonderful playfull way!

Machu Picchu Ceremonies 2013

November 8 - 22

As on every sacred journey Qeros Elders, Shamans, spiritual guides and local Indios come with us to share their deep insight into the ancient pre-Colombian culture and its secrets with us.

Euro 2983,-- or 3999 US$ (Tour price based on US$ currency value)

Included in my trips are all hotel nights with breakfast, most meals, transport by train, bus, boat, etc., guides, shamans, access tickets, island permits etc.

Oben auf dem Schiff, Sonneninsel 2013 Machu Picchu Sonnentempel 2013 Mond Insel 2013

Program 2014:

Day 0 - November 8
You arrive in the morning of November 8 in Cuzco. Check-in into our hotel. This day you have time to arrive, get accustomed to the height of 3400m. and the jetlag. After a lunch you can visit the ancient town of Cuzco or sleep your jetlag away. Dinner as you wish. This overnight and breakfast has to be paid separately. It is also possible you come earlier and we arrange a room for you in the same hotel.

Day 1 - November 9
Breakfast in our hotel. First meeting with the group. On this first day we travel to the country side with our Qeros Elders, for a welcome ceremony to greet Mother Earth in this part of the globe, the greet the Apus, the Keepers of the Mountains and all other elements. In this ceremony we will ask for permission to be on her sacred spots and in her temples and it is a good time to invoke your intent for this sacred journey. Part of the day is free to visit Cuzco (B/D)

Day 2 - November 10
Breakfast in the hotel. We travel with our private bus to the Sacred Valley to visit Temples, and sacred power places, always guided by our Qeros elders. Later we will know which places we have to visit. Buffet lunch and dinner in our hotel in Sacred Valley (B/L/D)

Day 3 - November 11
Breakfast in our hotel. Early in the morning our bus brings us to Ollantaytambo, where we visit the first ancient temple of the Sun of our journey. Time for ceremony or a silent meditation. Later we take the famous Inka-Trail-Train to Machu Picchu. Overnight in Aquas Calientes, base for all trips to the sacred town of Machu Picchu. Dinner in the hotel. (B/L/D)

Day 4 - November 12
Breakfast in the hotel. The Machu Picchu Shuttle-Bus brings us to the famous town of the condor, listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world. Machu Picchu lies about 2.200 m. above sea level hidden in the Andean mountains. We stay all day to visit the different temples, have ceremonies, visit the Inka walls, the portals, the hidden places where you can feel the dimensions, and most important the ancient temple of the sun. (big ceremonies are not allowed anymore, on all sacred sites throughout the Amerikas). Before we enter Machu Picchu we ask for permission from mother Earth, the Puma, condor, father sun, and the beings of light of the galaxies and the timelines to enter this sacred now activated place. It is now active for the divine feminine. Lunch at the restaurant next to the entrance of Machu Picchu. After the group visit you have time to reenter and get back on your own with the shuttle-bus. (B/L/D)

Day 5 - November 13
Breakfast in the hotel. Today we have time to return to Machu Picchu or stay in the little village of Aquas Calientes and take a hot bath and shop. We return to Ollantaytambo with the last Inka-Trail-Train. Hotel in Sacred Valley, dinner in the hotel. (B/D)

Day 6 - November 14
Breakfast in our hotel. Early in the morning we start our travel to Lake Titicaca. Dinner and overnight in our hotel in Chucuito on the coast of Lake Titicaca, where we have beautiful views of the lake and snow mountains of Bolivia. We are now at 3.800 m. and must get used to this height. We always have oxygen with us at this height, you can ask the reception, they will help you for a small fee) (B/L/D)

Day 7 - November 15
Breakfast in our hotel. Today we travel to the Uros Islands in Lake Titicaca. These floating islands are the home of the Uros Tribes, who were builders of the famous straw boats. On the water we will held a „dreamtime“ ceremony to connect with the god of water and the horizontal power it provides. We reconnect with our Grandparents of Arcturus, the Pleiades, Orion and Sirius and we dream the new grid of love. Picnic in nature on one of the floating Uros islands. Dinner in our hotel (B/L/D)

Day 8 - November 16
Breakfast in our hotel. We travel to the stargate of Amuru Muru and start our walk by greeting father Sun. It is a path of initiations through the energies of the Feathered Serpent (the serpent of light), the puma and the condor. Initiated and spiritual cleansed we enter the stargate Amuru Muru. We meditate with the dream-world and can experience travelling the timelines and dimensions. After our ceremonies we have a picnic lunch in nature. Dinner at our hotel in Chucuito.

Day 9 - November 17
Breakfast in the hotel. Free day to integrate everything into your energy system. Visit Chucuito, meditate or sleep. Dinner in our hotel (B/D)

Day 10 - November 18
Breakfast in our hotel. After breakfast our bus will pick us up to go to Bolivia, Copacabana, where our boat is waiting for us. Copacabana is a little hippie town on the south point of Lake Titicaca. After a quick visit and some free lunch time, we board our boat and drive to the Island of the Sun, which is a very sacred place and time bubble was left here for us by the Lemurian beings. We visit the ancient temple of the Sun Pilcocaina and walk to our hotel. Dinner in the hotel Posada del Inca (B/D)

Day 11 und 12 - November 19 und 20
Breakfast in our hotel. After we walk down the enormous Inka stairs we board our fishing boat to visit the Crystal City in Lake Titicaca. A magic place for the new time cycle. In 2000 researcher discovered many ancient ruins at the bottom of Lake Titicaca and many seemed to be temples. On the lake we will be guided by spirit and will embrace our experiences. There are many tunnel entries that connect to the under earth tunnel-system build by the first beings that came to earth. We walk up the hill in the north of the island of the Sun and will visit the Chincana Temple and sacred Puma rock temple. Our Qeros Elder will perform ceremony with us and we enjoy an open air picnic in nature. Dinner in our hotel on the Island of the Sun. (B/Lunch Box/D)

Day 13 - November 21
Breakfast in the hotel. We board our boat and visit the feminine temples on the Island of the Moon. Our bus/boat will bring us to Chucuito to our hotel. Dinner in the hotel. (B/Lunch Box/D)

Day 14 - November 22
Breakfast in the hotel. Our bus transfers us to the Airport of Juliaca, where you take your flight to Lima. In Lima you board your flight home. (B)

Hotel in DZ. 9-22
Flight Cuzco to Juliaca
Flight Juliaca to Lima
breakfast: all days
Lunch: see day program
Dinner: see day program
admission: all the temples / places of power
access Sun and Moon Island
Bus Transport
Machu Picchu train
participation Ceremonies & celebrations
ships Lake Titicaca
Local Guides, shamans & companion
dayly guidance Carolina

not inclusive:
International flight to Cusco airport in Peru
transfers airport
hotel nov. 8
lunch: see above
Dinner: see above
tip bus drivers and guides etc: $ 150
beverages or bottled water (with meal there is often water, coffee or some drink) extras are usually espresso, beer, wine, cocktails, etc.

IMPORTANT: Europeans don't need a visa for Peru or Bolivia, depending on the passport. Other nationalities must check with their ambassies. Please check.

Copacabana am Titicacasee Mit Qero Elder in Machu Picchu