Sacred Journey to Yucatan - Mexico

Experience the Mayan Wisdom with Mayan Elders

Group in Palenque Academia Lengua Cultura Maya chichenitza climbing

The importance of travelling to the sacred land of the Mayans:
During the last ten years of travelling with Mayan Priest Don Hunbatz Men, Don Pablo Chuc, Don Cirilo and Drunvalo Melchizedek (Flower of Life & Serpent of Light) I could experience the importance of travelling with groups to different ancient sacred power spots FLOWER OF LIFEto reactivate them and heal ourselves.

Through all those activations a healing process for all participants and their families at home could happen. The Mayan sites often "re"-connect us to the stars, the Starelders, the sky, the past and the future. During all these journeys we strongly realize that Mother Earth, the ancient peoples, as for instance the Mayans in Yucatan and the Anazasi in 4-corners/USA needed our help to find peace (please read Letters from Drunvalo about our journeys on www.spiritofmaat.com). These people and the land they lived on could then find balance in our so called "new times" (at the end of our journey to 4-corners Sommer 2002, it actually started to rain after nine months of draught as a result of our praying from the heart and the healing of ancient ones).

The ancient ones that suddenly left the earth surface, had been emprisoned in the inner earth. They needed the help of those, who as a group were completely ready to open up theirs hearts to the light and to love.CEREMONY WITH CRYSTAL SKULL Healing took place every minute for the participants and for Mother Earth during these trips. A balance between the inner and outer worlds could be restored and start to heal.

We all know the following law of nature: "All I heal in myself, will heal others, where ever they live". My personal healing will simultaniously heal Mother Earth. The healing of the Mayans, the freeing of the ancient sacred prayers and blessings, the restoring of the ancient geometrical structures and grids in and around the pyramids will heal all of us! After all........ we are ONE!

Participants from Europe, America and other countries MAYA CALENDAR can take these new vibrations home, anchor and radiate them out to their countries (town, family and children). In this way a healing on a much higher level and in many parts of the world is made possible. Many people who came with us on past journeys, continued to be in a healing and transformational process for a long time after they returned home. They did start to express more of their own soullight in their daily lives.

By education we are used to admire the spiritual leaders, Elders and Priests of the indigenious peoples and our expectations are extremely high. Many lightworkers though experienced in the lastSACRED MAYAN CAVE FOR CEREMONIES years how important they themselves are for the evolution and healing of Mother Earth and the universal grids. You are helping change the world and are an important part of the changes we already see on Mother Earth. Together with the strongwilled Indigo generation, the Elders and spiritual people of all continents we can make a real change!

Following questions could be asked though: "Why do we have to activate the pyramids in Mexico? Why can´t the Mayans or other indigenious people do it themselves? Did they loose their connection with their spiritual power?" I believe that the time has come, that we walk the path of light hand in hand! We should and must help each other to be able to remember the past and the future, so that the missing wisdom and knowledge can come out of the dark into the light. Don Hunbatz Men always invited people from around the world TEMPLE CHICANNA(white people from western countries and Elders and others from South American and Asian countries) to participate in the activation of the Mayan temples and pyramids. As a bridge builder he was doing pioneer work. Many Elders of others countries do the same now.

At the end of this long cycle (the Maya calender says it ends december 2012, only 44 month from now and a new cycle will begin 2013) we come together as ONE and start caring for our beloved Mother Earth as ONE? Those who travel to ancient sacred spots are called to bring people to these vortexes. Mother Earth, the Mayans and the Ancient Ones are calling us as ONE.

Sacred Journey:
We will connect with Light Beings, Angels, ancient Mayan Gods and teachers in many sacred spots, temples, pyramids. We will connect with the God Chac, the most important archetypal Star Elder in Mayan Cosmology, with Chacua, his female counterpart, to balance the divine female and male Qualities in us. The Moon Goddess Ixchel will invite us to connect with her, she is the mate of Izamna, one of the highest Mayan Gods. They gave birth to the 4 directions! In ceremonies, channelings, rituals, dances and meditations we will connect with all the Light Beings that connect with us.

Chac is one of the Star Elders from Orion. He has been called the Rain God, God of the Fluids, the great Serpent of the Sky, the God of fertiliy, the God of the Rainbows etc., and his image adorns many Mayan Temples. The presence of Chac is found in many power spotsGOD CHAC around and in the temples and ist extremely strong.

Chanting and dancing at the sacred sites opens our hearts and thus our remembrance. Healing our female and male wounds and blockages can happen instantly, as we reconnect with our divine inner balance connected to our inner sound.


Spirit will bring us together with other Mayan Elders, Healers and Wisdom Keepers, in sync with the energies of the group and the life purpose the group has in coming to the land of the Mayan people.